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Tried Lenses

Tried Lenses But Struggled?

Think They Are Not For You?

Dont worry your not alone, but good news we can help you.

Was it due to dry eye?

Newer materials can now be fitted that have a LOWER water content. Yes I know it sounds daft, but it’s like putting a smaller sponge on your eye as it draws less moisture from your eye than a larger sponge/high water content lens would.

Been Told You Have The Wrong Prescription

Of course there are limits to your prescription but a lot of opticians will “duck out” of a tricky time consuming fit. I have the time and the knowledge to give it a try, yes it may take a few attempts but the proofs in the pudding.

Struggling To Put In?

Struggling With Handling And Getting The Dam Things In And Out Of Your Eye. With over 16 yrs. experience of teaching people how to insert and remove contact lenses. I can guarantee if you follow my tried and tested techniques you will succeed in the mystical art of contact lens insertion. I even have a separate removal method for all those ladies will longer nails.

Success Stories

This year a lady had a stroke leading to paralysis in one arm and now suffers from epilepsy meaning glasses aren’t practical. The Patient was told it’s not possible to insert or remove lenses using one hand. Guess who wears contact lenses now?

Another lady failed a teach at a local opticians, she thought it was just her and would not be able to wear lenses at all. She used my method, inserted and removed both first time.

I normally allow an hour for a full teach and most people tend to get the hang of it within the hour but occasionally I’ll give you something to practice with and have another go a few days later. From what I’ve seen of people who have been shown elsewhere, I firmly believe if I can’t teach you no one can.

Do You Need An Eye Test? We Can Help.

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