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Rear Surface Varifocal Lenses

This allows the entire prescription to be placed on the side of the lens nearest the eye. It results in much less distortion, wider fields of vision, less head tilt and overall they are much easier to get used to. It’s a similar principle to looking through a keyhole, in that the closer you get the more you can see. Simple really.

Why Are Some Varifocals Better Than Others?

Fortunately, the individualised approach to Rear Surface Free-Form Lens Manufacturing ensures that every wearer enjoys the clearest distance, intermediate, and near viewing zones, eliminating the happy medium approach of traditional progressive/varifocal lens manufacturing, regardless of prescription or frame selection. Free-Form optimised prescriptions will ensure the widest fields of vision in comparison to traditional progressive/varifocal lens manufacturing. As much as 50% larger viewing zones will be achieved with a Rear Surface progressive.

DuraVision® Platinum

The ZEISS Premium Coating.
The demands of everyday life call for hard, dirt-resistant lenses that are easy to clean. This is precisely why hard, anti-reflective lens coatings exist – but it needs to be said that the quality of these coatings can vary greatly.

What makes ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum AR coating different? These hard and light lenses are very robust, dirt-resistant and easy to clean while offering first-rate, anti-reflective properties. An integrated system of coating densely layers packed, using ion-assisted deposition, results in a lens surface that is three times harder than the previous generation of hard, anti-reflective (AR) coated plastic ZEISS lenses and 35% harder than AR coated mineral (glass) ZEISS lenses. ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum AR coating also have a more cosmetically pleasing, blue residual reflex colour, that produces over 20% less luminous reflectance than conventional green AR coated ZEISS lenses. “Read More Here

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