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Contact Lenses

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We provide all ranges of contact lenses. With advances in design and materials, contact lens wearers now have more choice than ever before, with availability of prescription ranges and materials improving all the time. This achieves a greater success rate for most patients, young and old. We have the freedom to access and fit an array of contact lenses to suit an increasing number of patients needs.

What We Offer

Tried Lenses? Given Up?

Have you tried contact lenses but think they are not for you? Don’t worry you’re not alone, but good news, we can help you.
Find out how here: Help with your contact lenses

Disposable Lenses.

With no solutions, no lens cases and no hassle required, it’s easy to see why daily disposables are one of the most popular choices amongst contact lens wearers. By simply throwing away your lenses at the end of the day and starting with a fresh pair the next, it really couldn’t be easier. These contact lenses are worn once and then thrown away at the end of wear. They are suitable for occasional and daily wear.

Frequent Replacement Lenses.

These lenses are generally worn for a month at a time and taken out and cleaned at night. They are more cost effective than daily disposables if you wear your lenses frequently, as you won’t need to open a new set every day.

Toric Lenses.

These contact lenses are suitable for patients with astigmatism, as they have a different focusing power horizontally and vertically. As a result they can correct the blurry vision associated with an astigmatic condition. They are available as daily and frequent replacement lenses.

Extended Wear Lenses.

These lenses can be worn and slept in for up to a month at a time. We also use these lenses as a regular wear lens for dry eye sufferers, as they demand less moisture from the eye.

Multi-focal Lenses.

These contact lenses are suitable for patients who require a separate reading correction. They are available as daily and monthly lenses.

Mono-Correction Lenses.

In mono-correction we generally fit your dominant eye with a distance lens and a reading lens in the other eye. This system is also widely used in laser eye surgery.

Instruction Appointment and Care Of Lenses.

We normally allow about an hour for this and firmly believe you will get the best tutorial on how to get your lenses in and out anywhere. If you have been having trouble we can help.

Regular Aftercare.

Contact lens examinations are required every year. Our Contact Lens Optician, Mark, is on hand 5 days a week, and will stay after hours if you are struggling to get down during normal hours.

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Lytham Eyewear is an Independent Optician. With a combined 85 years of experience, we provide patients with an in-depth and thorough consultation. Supplying the best healthcare and most suitable eye wear for all your visual needs.

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