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Lytham Eyewear is an Independent Optician.
a combined 85 years of experience

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Designer Frames

As part of the Lytham Eyewear Opticians Eye for Detail we offer a curation of beautifully designed frames.

Our designer glasses and sunglasses allow us to fulfil our commitment to helping our customers find their perfect frame.

Eye Tests

Eye tests matter
At least 50% of sight loss is avoidable.
Regular eye tests can detect a range of health conditions before they become big issues. Which is why it’s so important that you and your family visit us at least once every two years.

Designer Sunglasses

We have sourced a UK specialist supplier who is able to manufacture wraparound sunglasses for most prescriptions.
You can be sure to stay ahead of the crowds with your choice of the latest styles from the most desirable designer brands.

Be Stylish

On Top of the Trend
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Stay in style this year with these top trends. Whether you want to make a statement, go bold or keep it casual, we have everything you need.

Vision Profile

Zeiss Specalist
Check Your Vision Profile Today
Determine your personal visual habits now and find your individualised lens solution.

Do You Need An Eye Test? We Can Help.

Dog friendly

Pooches always welcome! Bring your friend down for a drink while you have a chat.

About Us

Lytham Eyewear is an Independent Optician. With a combined 85 years of experience, we provide patients with an in-depth and thorough consultation. Supplying the best healthcare and most suitable eye wear for all your visual needs.

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